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— Faith Soloway: writer and producer for Amazon’s Transparent, creator of A Transparent Musical


If you
on any stage
I will help you bring out your best.

  • You’re an ACTOR who wants to expand your creative power

  • You’re a MUSICIAN who wants to keep your audience transfixed between songs

  • You’re a COMEDIAN who wants to do more than make your audience laugh

  • You’re a WRITER who wants to perform your own work

  • You want to make older work fresh and exciting

  • You dream of creating a stunning piece of theatre

  • You have a script that needs developing to make it truly shine

  • You need a director for your project to bring out its absolute best

  • You’re a LEADER and want to move your audience to action

  • You’re an INNOVATOR and want your ideas to spread like wildfire

  • You’re a CHANGE MAKER and want the world to get on board

  • You have a crucial presentation and want to knock it out of the park

  • You want to motivate and inspire people from a bigger stage

  • You need an expert eye on your writing to transform it into powerful speech


— Steve Taubman: author, speaker, hypnotist, and mindfulness coach





Margie Zohn has played many roles in her directing, coaching, writing and performing career. She has collaborated with artists including Faith Soloway, Lisa Loeb, JoBeth Williams, Josh Hamilton and the musician Bitch, and has also coached plenty of rising stars.


I believe we all benefit from outstanding coaches and collaborators, no matter how talented or accomplished we are.

Margie is the Director of Performance Development for The Women in Comedy Festival presented by HBO. She also has 25 years of experience helping leaders in the corporate and nonprofit worlds to create inspiring and persuasive speeches. (

Margie has developed/directed solo shows, plays, musical performances, comedy shows, corporate events, TED Talks, and keynote speeches for venues across the US and abroad. Margie’s acting background informs all of her work. She was a featured actor in Anna Deavere Smith’s Institute on the Arts and Civic Dialogue at the American Repertory Theatre. She also played numerous leading roles at Shakespeare & Company and other professional theaters in New England. Margie toured as an improvisational comedian, originated roles in multiple Faith Soloway musicals, and developed solo shows for venues such as The Boston Women on Top Festival and the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.


In academia, Margie held a faculty appointment at Harvard University from 2011 -2021 teaching public speaking. While there, she developed innovative programs to strengthen communication and storytelling skills for faculty, graduate students and undergraduates. Margie has coached and presented at The Harvard Graduate School of Education, Boston University, MIT, The Harvard Business School, and IMD, among others. She has worked with leaders from national nonprofits and Fortune 100 companies across the globe. Margie holds a B.A. in Theatre Arts from Brown University and an Ed.M in Arts in Education from The Harvard Graduate School of Education.

I help you create a unique “incubation process” for your work

I help develop your work however it’s needed, whether it’s writing, delivery or stage direction

I hold our work confidential 
(unless you give me permission to share about it)

To support inspiring people to create groundbreaking work.

I help you perform from your most powerful, creative and authentic self

I support you in working through blocks and learning what they have to teach you

I meet you where you are, whether you have a full script or the first breath of an idea


We begin with essential questions
to help you clarify your vision.



CONNECT for a free consultation.

It all starts with a conversation.

I work in person or virtually

— Bitch: musician, actress, composer, performance artist

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