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“I have worked with Margie for almost 25 years and I wouldn’t do anything without her.

Margie is one of my go-to collaborators. She has this insane ability to connect the dots of your story with laser focus, to make you feel safe and to encourage you to take risks.

— Faith Soloway: writer and producer for Amazon’s Transparent,  creator of A Transparent Musical

It’s Margie’s superpower to walk someone through their journey artistically.”


“I had a deep desire to create a show that would integrate music and storytelling in a much more theatrical way.

Margie has helped me craft stories and express ideas I’ve never been able to express before.

Working with Margie has been revelatory in my artistic practice! I’m thrilled about what is emerging and where we will go next.”

— Bitch: musician, actress, composer, performance artist


Margie looks at your genius

and helps you raise the level of your genius higher.

She helps me mine the subconscious content I haven’t been able to find and makes my work more direct and accessible.

If you have an opportunity to work with Margie, TAKE IT!”

— Steve Taubman: author, speaker, hypnotist, and mindfulness coach


“I’ve produced a number of programs and books and I’ve always consulted Margie to help make them better. She brings tremendous humor, wisdom, and interactivity to her work.

She’ll help you bring out your best

“Margie has long been one of my favorite directors! She is super-smart, super-talented, super-funny, with tons of heart and an unerring eye.

and empower you to turn your story into a heart-stopping, hilarious and stunningly theatrical show.”

— Matt Hoverman: Emmy-Award winning writer, co-creator of “Together/Apart”


“My show, Cities of Light, was going to tour Israel, except I didn’t love the show yet. I worked with Margie and she drew out the story I really wanted to tell.

She finds the real beating heart of your work.

My show became a beautiful one-woman musical which I have toured not only across Israel but also throughout Europe and the U.S.”

— Rebecca Joy Fletcher: writer and performer


“I was asked to perform with the Boston POPS in Symphony Hall. New orchestrations, new venue, on the bill with John Williams and Yo-Yo Ma… I was sweating! I really wanted to knock it out of the park.

I turned to Margie to help me find every bit of joy and life in every measure of the piece.

With Margie’s coaching, it turned out to be the performance of a lifetime!”

— Jeffrey Korn: Singer, Actor, Coach

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